Get to know MDISS a little better.


MDISS is a 501(c)3 non-profit public health and patient safety organization focused on medical device cybersecurity. First in the field, MDISS helps member organizations develop practical technologies, practices and policy solutions for making devices safer and more secure. MDISS combines deep embedded vulnerability and regulation expertise with patient-centered security, epidemiological methods, and a public-private partnership model to effect meaningful public health interventions.

Billy Rios,
CEO, Whitescope

"Patient encounters with connected -- yet poorly secured -- medical devices are increasing exponentially, and nobody really has a handle on the risks we’re facing. We’ve got to integrate best practices from cybersecurity, public health and clinical engineering disciplines to better understand and mitigate these threats, and the new MDISS network of WHISTL device testing and data sharing facilities are a huge step in the right direction."