We're thrilled to be working with these great companies:
Anura Fernando,
Principal Engineer Medical Systems Interoperability at UL

"Being proactive in addressing interconnected medical device cybersecurity challenges is crucial to patient safety and risk management. We’re pleased with MDISS's growing portfolio of initiatives that recognize and are utilizing the UL 2900 standard to help address critical risks."

Denise Anderson,
President, NH-ISAC

"MDISS WHISTL provides much-needed insight from actual developers and users of medical devices, which will result in more relevant and actionable information-sharing and better situational awareness for all healthcare stakeholders. NH-ISAC is a proud partner of MDISS in this important effort."

Joshua Corman,
Founder of "I am The Cavalry" and the Director of Cyber Statecraft for the Atlantic Council, member of the U.S. Congressional Task Force on Healthcare Cybersecurity

"Ambitious initiatives like those from MDISS are sorely needed. Through our over-dependence on undependable things, we have created the conditions for accidents and adversaries to have a profound impact on public safety and human life. Hospitals are prone, they are prey... and the predators have taken notice."